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The Agility® collection is like no other mattress on the market. It is made of a combination of high-density foams, pocketed coils, cooling gel foam, latex, and varying combinations of mini-pocket coils and mini-micro pocket coils. The mini-coils are not stitched, glued, or sewn like other pocket coils; instead, they are encased in a three-way stretch fabric which allows them to move and bend in a 360-degree circular motion.


Our exclusive HourGlass feature increases support firmness by 18% at the shoulders and hips and 13% at the lumbar area. This flexible technology can be combined with virtually any coil unit to offer improved performance and added value at any price point.


The Buoyancy® collection is one of our most unique lines. The line combines the natural comfort of latex, the cooling effect of gel with the extra support of our proprietary HourGlass feature. The top layer of natural latex has an overlay of gel that incorporates our signature HourGlass design. This exclusive feature increases support by 18% at the shoulders and hips and 13% at the lumbar area. The result of combining these elements together in four individual mattress models makes for what may be the world’s most innovative, comfortable and supportive mattress.


Environmentally friendly EcoGel® beds offer the ideal balance of comfort and support. The environmentally friendly gel foam will keep you cool from dusk to dawn.


Sleep on our Innergy®   mattress and you’ll wake up feeling more “innergetic”—our version of energetic. Therapedic’s Innergy®   mattress features an exclusive coil design that virtually eliminates sleep-disturbing motion transfer. As you move during the night—and we all move several hundred times as we sleep—each spring responds to that movement on an individual basis, creating an exceptionally supportive and comfortable sleep surface.


Everything about this line is heavy-duty, including its name. Featuring the heaviest coils, the densest foams, and the strongest foundation, this line is built to remain durable and supportive, even for the biggest body types. The HD 3000 model, shown here, is part of a four model line-up designed for firmness and durability.


Therapedic mattresses are made with temperature and pressure sensitive visco-elastic or "memory" foam. This leading-technology product conforms to your body, providing both outstanding support and unsurpassed comfort.


When it comes to the kind of cushioning that only Mother Nature can provide, nothing rivals pure latex foam. Harvested from the protective sap of the Havanea Brasilinesis or rubber tree, our PureTouch® latex is truly an all-natural product. The trees are not damaged during harvesting and no synthetic materials are used in manufacturing process. And most importantly, latex is naturally cool to the touch as well as antimicrobial, antibacterial and dust mite resistant. In short, our PureTouch® latex is the ideal natural bedding material to provide restful and healthy sleep.


The Therawrap® collection from Therapedic utilizes 
the most advanced innerspring technology available-–wrapped coil technology. Each coil is individually wrapped in a high quality, high density, and breathable fabric. This leading edge design provides the most restorative and undisturbed sleep of any innerspring mattress.

Tommy Bahama

Our Tommy Bahama® Home collection of mattresses brings together two well-known and respected brands -- Tommy Bahama® and Therapedic®. Both brands inspire the world to relax by promoting a lifestyle that emphasizes comfort, rest, and relaxation in the home but now, that lifestyle will include sleep, too.

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